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Our mission is to provide service and assistance to all at an affordable rate. We will assist you in completing court and other legal documents. We will also act as your agent in proceedings (within the scope of legislation).

We can find solutions that will work for you.


Many Albertans know the high costs associated with legal fees. In most situations when an Albertan requires legal assistance, they are either faced with high lawyer bills or told they do not qualify for Legal Aid.


The majority of Albertans chose to pursue matters themselves without the assistance of a lawyer, whether it be Divorces, LandLord and Tenant Matters, Debt Collections, etc., as they feel confident they can take on this task themselves and will ultimately save money. 


However, many are quickly hit with the stress of completing the multiple and often at times overwhelming documents associated with pursuing a legal matter. Many not understanding the fees associated with the filing or the deadlines that accompany such. 


Contact Keep it Legal  today, which is located in Calgary, Alberta and provides services to all of Alberta in  matters relating to Civil Litigation (Divorces, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant matters), and Wills and Estates (Drafting of Wills, Power of Attorney, Applying for a Grant of Probate). (Note: this is not an exhaustive list of services offered).


Let us help you and when all is said and done, your savings compared to having a lawyer assist you with your documentation will be astronomical.


Why pay $300 - $1000 an hour to have a lawyer complete the same documents for you when we can do it at a fraction of the cost.