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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee you will win my case?

We do not guarantee the outcome of any court matter. There are many variables that are outside the control of Keep it Legal that can impact the outcome. We do commit that we will work with you to obtain the best possible result.


Will you take my case on a contingency basis, you Keep it Legal gets paid when I win?

We offer competitive hourly and package rates so we do not take cases on contingency.  We will provide you with the best paralegal services to represent your interests. We do have great success, but again can not guarantee the outcome of any matter.


How much will your services cost me?

Each matter is unique. Our fees are based on an hourly rate plus disbursements. The more complicated the matter, the longer it will take to complete your documentation. In most cases we can provide a general idea of how much you are looking at from a cost perspective.


How are the fees calculated?

Our fees are based on an hourly rate plus any disbursements that been incurred on your behalf, such as photocopying, filing fees, notorizing, process serving (mileage), corporate searches, etc.


Will I have to pay upfront?

You will be required to enter into an agreement for services and pay a deposit. You will be invoiced for services as we proceed and those deducted from your deposit. Do not let this deter you. Each situation is different and we can work with you based on your needs and ability.


If I started the process myself, can I still retain Keep it Legal?

Most definitely, however, we do ask that if you have already commenced that you provide us with enough time to adequently review where you are at in the process and the documentation for accuracy, to ensure we remain on track and are able to meet those filing deadlines.


Legislation providing authority

Legal Professional Act, RSA 2000, c L-8

In short a paralegal can not offer legal advice, or represent themselves as a barrister or solicitor, however the legislation does not prevent a paralegal from assisting you with all your filing and documentation needs.